Stay to Create – Narrative of mead


Have a Gastronomic Immersion Experience.

Get to know the historical references of Mead in the development of humanity.

Get your hands on the drink and add the necessary ingredients to make your own nectar. Follow the traditional recipe, but dare to try making your own flavor. Challenge yourself.

* Discounts for groups and children

* The activity will be carried out in accordance with the Norms of the General Directorate of Health (DGS) updated at the date in force

Duration: 3 hours

Min: 2 People

Max: 9 People

This experience includes:

  • Workshop
  • Trainer and Stay to Talk staff
  • Mead bottle
  • Personal Accident Insurance
Number of people:

Quantity based pricing table

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Min Max Unit Price
1 3 54,00
4 9 44,00